FAQ For Tutors

How do I apply as an home tutor on Tutorago.Com?

It is easy to apply as a tutor, just go over to the tutor sign up page to do so. Provide the necessary information concerning your qualifications, expertise, experiences and other necessary forms over there to get started e.t.c.
Before you register, you must:

Reside in Nigeria and have a valid means of identification.
Have previous teaching experience
Be able to produce good results for students
Have good interpersonal relations with people

What subjects can i teach as a private tutor?

You can teach a wide range of academic, skills, exams and non-academic subjects based on your qualification, knowledge, proficiency and experience. Academic Subjects: Any of Nursery, Primary, Secondary Subjects, Tertiary Subjects e.t.c. Non-academic: Cooking, Public Speaking, Cake Making, Painting, Farming e.t.c. Exams: SAT, ICAN, IELTS, CCNA, GRE, ACCA, CCNP, IGCSE etc. Skills: Graphic Design, Bag Making, Bead Making, Sewing, Web Design and Development e.t.c.

Where does teaching take place?

Lessons take place at a convenient location as agreed by both parties from our website. In most cases, it would take place in the client location especially if kids are to be taught.

How does tutors get paid?

You are required to fill in your bank account while registering. Once lessons are completed, just notify us via your profile then we would credit your bank account. While you set the prices for your clients, you would earn 75% of whatever you charge them.

How do i get clients?

There are many ways you can get clients:
1. Sharing your profiles in forums, social media, e.t.c increases your expertise visibility, hence more clients. Try building your profile with good rating. If you have good rating and reviews from other clients, you would always get more clients.
2. Check your email for periodic job availability emails from us.

Does tutorago cover my area?

Wherever you might be staying in Nigeria, we would have you covered so far there are students in your location. Just focus on promoting your profile if there are clients needing your services you would be alerted via email, SMS or phone call.

FAQ For Students/Parents

What is tutorago all about?

Welcome to tutorago, here we connect private home tutors with learners right in their respective home. Click here to see how it works.

How do i find a tutor?

You can request a tutor by clicking on Start New Lesson menu from your dashboard, fill out the subject you need to be tutored on, fill all necessary details on the page. When we receive your request, we would get you get an expert tutor from your area within 24/48 hours. Leave everything to us. It's our job!

Where does tutoring take place?

In most cases tutoring take place in the client (student/parent) location or any other located suggested by the student or parent.

Is online tutoring available via tutorago.com?

This is coming soon, Godswilling.

How do you ensure tutors complete their lesson before payment?

Tutorago serves as the link between tutors and students/parents. Hence all payment by students is withheld by us. Tutor(s) would not be paid until the lessons have been completed after student confirmation. Tutors would be paid after successful completion of lessons.

How often does a tutor come for lessons?

It all depends on your preferences and choices while ordering the lesson. You decide that, we would find the tutor that suit your preference.

Do you have tutors for languages?

Yes. There are language tutors for Arabic, French, Spanish, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, German e.t.c.

Would i be able to get a competent tutor?

We would always ensure that our tutors are people with the right teaching background and experiences in order to be able to meet learning expectations.

Are your tutors human friendly?

Our tutors are human friendly.

Where are you guys located?

We are located at 11, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Beside BestSay Shopping Mall, Igbona, Osogbo, Osun State. Feel to call us at 08167082704 or send an email to info@tutorago.com